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Elevate Your Practice With TVU

Elevate Your Practice with TVU We are pleased to introduce you to Topple Vestibular University, where we bring stability to dizziness, and to your practice.

TVU makes the addition of full-service vestibular diagnostics more affordable and accessible than ever. Witness the respect and referrals pouring in from your medical and physical therapy networks as you rise above your competitors.

At Topple Vestibular University, we’re here to show you how adding a full vestibular testing center to your practice will complement your services, diversify your revenue streams, and future-proof your practice.

It’s time to cast a wider net, attract a new patient base, and secure your position as a leader in the industry. Join us on this transformative journey today and discover the limitless potential it holds for your practice, both now and in the future.

Make a Difference in Vestibular Diagnostics

It is estimated that 35.4% of US adults aged 40 and older, over 109 million Americans, will experience vestibular dysfunction at some point in their lives.

US Healthcare costs exceed a staggering $1 billion annually. The impact on individuals’ quality of life is significant, with an estimated 33% of adults with chronic imbalance struggling to perform basic activities of daily living.
Topple Diagnostics with 11,000 patients tested, and years of training their own staff is bringing its expertise to Audiology, ENT, and Neurology practices nationwide through TVU. This new innovative online teaching and support program allows your clinic access to TVU’s robust video training and troubleshooting library.

Our mission is to bring stability to dizziness and provide program-level options tailored to the unique needs of each practice. With Topple by your side, you’re not just elevating your practice; you’re revolutionizing the way you provide care and securing a brighter future for yourself and your patients. Join us today!

Elevate your practice above your competition by offering superior Diagnostics.

Generate New interest and new patient Referrals from your MD Community.

Future Proof your practice, diversify your services and generate new revenues streams.

Increase community engagement and interest with Fall Risk education.

The SAFE-T program is the evolution of Audiological Care. The Topple Audio-Vestibular protocol uses a balance system to conduct dynamic physical performance tests and scientifically connects them to the Audiogram. Hearing loss is the #1 most modifiable fall risk factor. With SAFE-T you will learn how to attract new hearing aid candidates and M.D. referral interest, without adding new staff or appointment time. Enjoy unlimited access to the Topple Full-Service Fall Risk Marketing Program and the 5 Factors of Fall Risk Report, instantly producing a ready-to-present summary of findings and plan of continued care.

  • 12 Month Vestibular Jumpstart
  • On site Training
  • TVU Portal Access
  • Topple Audiology Support
  • Billing Coding Support
  • 36 Month Support programs
  • On Site Training
  • TVU Portal Access
  • Topple Audiology Support
  • Billing and Coding Support
  • Individual Resubmission and
    Reimbursement Assistance
  • Proprietary Audiologist Data
    Interpretation and Report

This program includes everything
from Dizzy Pro as well as:

  • Custom Territory Demographic Study and Heat Map
  • Marketing and Branding for your
    Medical Practice
  • Database Generation of MD and PT
    referral sources
  • Referral Lead Generation Program
    Activities, personalized Phone calls,
    emails and Networking.
  • Social Media outreach training

Topple has partnered with VEDA Vestibular to help connect patients searching for solutions and clinics providing vestibular testing services. Call today and learn how to get your practice featured on the VEDA vestibular practice locator so patients can find you first!

TVU has partnered with Stearns bank, bringing your practice alternative and easy financing solutions for equipment and program tuition. Let us help you finance the future of your practice.

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