Comprehensive Testing To Assess CNS Related Causes of Dizziness  

Topple Dizziness is a general, umbrella term that encompasses a variety of symptoms that impairspatial perception. While peripheral causes of dizziness are more common than those arisingfrom the CNS, neurologists are frequently called on to assess patients who complain of dizziness. Dizziness constitutes 25% of neurology outpatient referrals and 13% of emergency department (ED) neurology consultations. As such, it is imperative for neurologists to be aware of common CNS causes of dizziness. Topple increases a neurology practices’ “awareness” to accurately evaluate patients with imbalance and dizziness. Coupled with accurate diagnostics, Topple is a great additional source of income.

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Auditory Brainstem Response  

Auditory brainstem response testing is performed to assess neural synchrony. Stimulus is conducted from the inner ear up to the distal end of the VIIIth nerve through the low brainstem. ABR can also help in identification of demylelinating disorders, retrocochlear pathologies, or brainstem stroke

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> Topple for your dizzy patients?

Topple Diagnostics will provide, at no cost to you, a fully trained technician to perform comprehensive testing. Our technicians comes equipped with everything needed to perform testing in your office including all diagnostic equipment, supplies, documents, etc. All Topple technicians go through comprehensive training to establish proper techniques utilizing the equipment. This rigorous training ensures our technicians receive complete understanding of the vestibular system from both a peripheral and central nervous system perspective.

Topple Diagnostics will set up a scheduled day(s) for our program in your office. The frequency of those day(s) will depend on a customers demand and need for their patients. Whether the frequency is one day per week, every other week, or multiple times per week will depend on Topple’s schedule availability and customer preference. We do our best to always accommodate the needs of our customers. Don’t believe us? Try our Demo Day!!

Once testing has been completed by our technician, all diagnostic data is electronically delivered to our board certified Doctors of Audiology for clinical interpretation. Within 48-72 hours of testing, final results are delivered back to the ordering provider via our web-based portal. All results contain a clinical impression of each test performed, along with an overall interpretation of results, and recommendations for potential next steps. Like to review a report? Click on the link above to see an example of Neurology result.

Simply put, our Demo Day is for customers eager to “kick the tires” of our dizziness and imbalance service offering without commitment to a service agreement. This allows potential customers the ability to see how our program operates in conjunction with the scope of practice. A Demo Day is for one scheduled day only and consists of 3-5 patients who will be tested utilizing our complete diagnostic platform. Try us out and we guarantee you will be pleased with our level of service and the clinical excellence we provide.

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